More Details for my time at Stelligent

I worked at Stelligent from July 2017 to April 2020. This was the most impactful job change of my career. It was the first time I got to work remotely and first time I worked on public cloud infrastructure.

In fact, Stelligent operated (at the time) a fabulous 90-day training program to get new hires like me up-to-speed in a hurry. It resolves around a public repo called Stelligent U. All new hires not already well-versed in AWS were assigned a great DevOps reading list, and required to work the Stelligent U repo to their own account, and complete all the exercises, under the supervision of a mentor/buddy, who would guide the newbie through whatever is needed. I got my start in AWS this way.

During my time at Stelligent, I earned my first two AWS certifications: Developer Associate (at my 90 day mark), and the DevOps Professional certificate a year or two later.

Two clients at Stelligent were particularly advanced and forward-thinking companies:

  • AQR Capital (Greenwich, CT). My work at AQR revolved around AWS Batch, Service Catalog, and python/boto3 scripting as a credible alternative to CloudFormation for certain kinds of deployments. The AWS Batch work was about automatically packaging hundreds of one-off data-science python programs into limited/secure containers. We used the AWS ACM-PCA service to programatically provision and sign thousands of distinct SSL certificates, to severely limit the reward that would-be attackers would get in case of an exploit.

  • 3M (Maplewood, MN) was exploring the use of the AWS IoT suite of services to collect information in real-time, not from devices deployed in customer environments, but rather manufacturing equipment like furnaces and grinders. I wrote my first React app there, with a python/flask app to create and edit pre-set recipes for these machines to follow during the manufacturing process. Part of our engagement there was also to train about 20 very young developers in python and AWS.

Mphasis purchased Stelligent in November 2018. My duties didn't change, and Mphasis still operates their DevOps consultancy under the Stelligent brand. Therefore, I didn't think it was worthwhile to make a separate section in my resumé for Mphasis.