Sites Overview


I'm Tim Bailey-Jones: software developer, devops engineer, and brass musician. This article shows a number of sites that I created or am strongly associated with.

  • TimCod.ES - my technical blog. If you know terms like JSON, RESTful, or Serverless, you might find it interesting.

  • I do some side work from time to time under this name. Currently, it redirects to my LinkedIn profile.

  • This is Florida-oriented live/local music search engine. It is a ColdFusion site that I have maintained for the owners over many years. My son and I are currently developing a mobile-first/responsive version of the site, which should be released by Q3-2024.

  • - my collection of videos from many ensembles I have played with over the years.

  • - This is a great local brass quintet that I played in for several years.

  • - This is my current brass quintet, also local to Tampa Bay

  • - This is a Dixieland Jazz Band that I play tuba for.

These are sites that I have developed for some of my family:

  • - my son's web developer portfolio

  • - Tuck-A-See string, a portmanteau of KenTUCKy, and TenneSEE, my father's favorite states. Clyde "Jack" Jones. He used to make, sell and record music on hammered dulcimers and bowed psaltries. He is now retired.

  • - This is a site I developed for my son-in-law, Todd Moore, who is a fabulous mechanic and "fix-it man". He offers trailer-oriented repair and installation services. I call him "Todd Almighty", since he often surprises me with everything he can do!

  • - This is a tribute site to my late wife Andrea Andux-Jones (d. 2014), who was a local three-dimensional artist and poet, and a fabulous and wise life partner. Damn, I miss her!

  • - This is British-style brass band in Tampa FL, which is sadly defunct. They last rehearsed in March 2020, and due to COVID hasn't come back together.

  • - a redirect site that leads to my LinkedIn profile page. I will changes this to the brass section of my site, once I finish the music showcase site.